Squirrel Proofing the Bird Feeders

Thieving Squirrel
Managing squirrels in the bird yard can be a challenge.

Probably no method or strategy to exclude the squirrel from the bird feeder is foolproof; however, a combination of methods seems to be effective. Read More:

The Monarch Butterfly’s Endangered Status

The Monarch Butterfly is dependent upon the Milkweed, and both are in struggle for survival. Find out what the future prospects and solutions are. Read More:

The Monarch Butterfly & Milkweed
The Monarch Butterfly & Milkweed are in a struggle for survival.

The Cuban Tree Frog & Extinction:

The Cuban Tree Frog
The Cuban Tree Frog is an invasive species that preys on at least 5 other Florida frogs.

The Cuban Tree Frog is a small amphibian, but they prey on at least five species of native Florida frogs. Furthermore, as an invasive species, they represent what many scientists consider to be the second leading cause of the sixth mass extinction. Read More:

Paddles & Fresh Fins

With 50 years under his belt as a paddle fisherman, Mickey Agner shares the strategies, methods, and knowledge to engage the most conservation-friendly style of freshwater fishing. Read More:

Paddles & Fresh Fins details the skills necessary for successful freshwater paddle fishing.

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