I, Michael K. Agner (Author/Administrator), would like to welcome you to this blog and forum. As a retired public educator, this web site provides an opportunity to engage others with subjects that I dearly love. Outdoors activities, nature, and photography have provided me with countless hours of pleasure. Additionally, writing as a mode of expression has become a preferred way of engaging the world.

Web Site Information:

Finding and Framing the Photograph: Wildlife photography especially requires more than an understanding of ISO settings, lighting, and shutter speed. Some knowledge of the desired subject and how to access it will be required; hence finding and framing the photo would be a likely subject.

Sharing Technical Information: A major site goal is to address a diverse range of topics; however those topics will include technical photographic information. Hopefully much of that material will come from the network and forum participants.

Support for Conservation: It would be difficult to emphasize the beauty of the natural world without supporting the concept of conserving and protecting it. While this site has no political intentions, it will provide moral support to concepts of conservation.

How Will th Site Share the Above Content? The presentation methods of the above information will include post articles, forum and network participation and references to other sites.


If pressured to identify only one goal that would define this site, it would again be the engagement of others on the topic of photographing nature. Far too often, we would like to present our opinions as the keystone of truth and value; however, a much more respected and valued position can be obtained by the inclusion of many others. Hopefully, this site will provide you with that type of credibility when exploring the topics of gardening, nature, and photography.

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