Florida Water Resources: Birds at Paynes Prairie

Great Blue Heron at Paynes Prairie

Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park is 22,000 reserved and protected acres immediately south of Gainesville, Florida, in North Central Florida.  Park officials boastfully claim that they are residence to 270 different bird species.  In addition to the birds, the preserve also shows cases of wild horses, bison, and of course, a dense population of gators. … Read moreFlorida Water Resources: Birds at Paynes Prairie

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Backyard Wildlife: Building the Bluebird Nesting Box

Building The Bluebird Nesting Box

Introduction: One of the most rewarding ways to engage wildlife is with wildlife near one’s home.  Trips to exotic locations are unnecessary, and the ability to engage the young and parenting practices of backyard wildlife make the local experience quite intimate.  Additionally, the ability and opportunity to interact with the backyard wildlife parenting activities provide … Read moreBackyard Wildlife: Building the Bluebird Nesting Box

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Lowry & Magnolia Lakes in NC Florida

The Undeveloped shoreline of Lowry and Magnolia Lakes

Introduction Most all of Florida has a huge underground layer of lime rock, which formed from the collection of seashells and coral in ancient times when it was underwater. Additionally, over time, the lime rock dissolved and collapsed in areas creating vast numbers of lakes in Florida’s interior. In another ancient era, Florida lay partially … Read moreLowry & Magnolia Lakes in NC Florida

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Wildlife Extinction: Critical and Manmade

The Passenger Pigeon clearly represents a developing theme of earth's extinction: critical and manmade.

Introduction: Scientists are of a consensus opinion that wildlife extinction: critical and manmade is reaching a dangerous level.  This article presents a summary of four extinct species that have recently disappeared from earth and the contributing causes of their demise.  Subsequently, the current rate of extinction is compared to the background rate to determine if … Read moreWildlife Extinction: Critical and Manmade

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Florida’s Invasive Invasion

The invasive House Gecko

Introduction: “Florida’s Invasive Invasion” is a perfect example of the second leading cause of what many scientists describe as the sixth mass extinction.  According to the Center for Biological Diversity, the current rate of extinction is 1,000 times greater than the long-term historical pace.  Additionally, the same organization suggests that we could lose 30 – … Read moreFlorida’s Invasive Invasion

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Attracting The Nesting Bluebird

Attracting Nesting Blue Birds

Introduction For those who love nature and wildlife, few scenes are more enduring than a mother bird feeding their young.  This article, “Attracting The Nesting Bluebird” was written to fulfill that need. Going one step further, few birds are more people-friendly and accommodating with their parenting skills than Bluebirds.  With that much established, we have … Read moreAttracting The Nesting Bluebird

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Squirrel Proofing The Bird Feeders

Thieving Squirrel

Introduction In researching strategies and methods of squirrel proofing bird feeders, we found Roger Chilson to be the ideal source of information. He is this blog’s go-to resource on creating a bird and urban wildlife friendly home environment. He first starts off describing the problem of squirrels in the bird yard and then provides some … Read moreSquirrel Proofing The Bird Feeders

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