Paddles & Fresh Fins

Paddles & Fresh Fins

The Author

Michael Agner uses about 50 years of paddle fishing experience to edify the topic of paddle fishing.  Most of that experience came from fresh water fishing in North Central Florida.  Fortunately that experience generalizes easily to most geographical areas.  The book clearly illustrates the author’s love for nature and the outdoors, and it also shares numerous personal experiences in an intimate manner.

The Book:

Paddles & Fresh Fins is a comprehensive paperback about paddle fishing. It provides significant information about the history and unique structure of various paddle boats. Additionally, much of the book is dedicated to skills necessary for paddling and fishing from the different types of paddle boats. The book covers paddling skills and accessories for both canoes and kayaks. The author includes several chapters throughout the book that cover relevant personal experiences.

Canoes and kayaks have a rich history that dates back to prehistoric times, and more recently includes the influence of Bill Mason and Tim Niemier. This history discusses the structural assets and advantages of both canoe and kayak are covered.

All paddle fishing forums are cluttered with sample rigging illustrations; consequently, several chapters are dedicated to rigging illustrations that are common issues among paddle fishermen.

Sometimes a story is more entertaining than DIY projects, and several chapters are committed to the short story format. Each story is selected to illustrate something of value to the subject of paddle fishing.

Below is an excerpt from the last chapter clearly illustrating a fondness for nature that is so easily experienced from the paddleboat:

I seldom remember the one slab crappie caught that day or the frustration of the slow bite, but the manatee encounter has become an indelible memory. I have viewed bedding blue gill, shellcrackers, bass, channel cats and bullhead cats from both sides of the water’s surface. I have watched migrating sandhill cranes rattlings at they migrated in both directions from my paddleboat. I have observed deer, raccoons, and otters in raucous play undisturbed from my presence in a paddle boat. I have caught more bass from a paddleboat than most bass fishermen have from their bass boats, and I have gleefully scratched a manatee’s back and observed his/her pleasure. I am truly grateful to have participated in the greatest sport in the world: Paddles & Fresh Fins.

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