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Latest Upload: 11/12/19

“Mickey Agner: Channel Description and Preview” is a channel trailer and briefly describes current videos and provides a brief preview of future videos.
View the video: Mickey Agner: Channel Description & Preview

Wildlife Extinction: Critical & Manmade

Many Scientists insist that we are in the middle of a mass extinction, which is reaching critical levels. Additionally, they insist that man is the leading cause.
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Wildlife Extinction: Critical & Manmade
View the Video:
Wildlife Extinction: Critical & Manmade

Florida's Invasive Invasion

The second leading cause of today’s mass extinction is invasive species, and Florida is the prime example of this phenomenon.
View the post: Florida’s Invasive Invasion
View the video: Florida’s Invasive Invasion


Attracting the Nesting Bluebird details measures that can attract the bluebird to nest in your backyard.
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Attracting the Nesting Bluebird
View the Video:
Attracting the Nesting Bluebird

Future Videos

Planned: Videos on recreational water resources in NC Florida on the following:
Rowell Lake in Bradford County
Orange Lake in Southern Alachua County
Lake Ocklawaha on the Marion-Putnam County line
The numerous springs that emerge from the underground aquifer in the region

Planned: A series of articles and videos on canoe paddling:
Paddling and Photography
Paddling Strokes
Paddles & Fresh Fins

Planned: Wildlife Videos:
The Monarch Butterfly and Milkweed
Residential Geese

Planned: Conservation Video:
Florida’s Underwater Aquifer

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